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About Pamela N. Thomas PA-C

Let us help identify and correct the root causes
of your persistent roadblocks to great health and longevity.

Pamela N. Thomas PA-C Physician Assistant

"Pamela is brilliant, and always uses science-based explanations when reviewing my blood work."

In her early career, Pamela N. Thomas PA-C assisted patients with chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes modify their lifestyles through exercise and proper nutrition. She has worked in a hospital setting and also in both Cardiology and OB/GYN private practices before coming to Forum Health. Pamela began studying alternative medicine approaches and discovered the principles of Functional Medicine.


Pamela has found Functional Medicine incredibly helpful on her own health journey, and her goal is to help each patient identify and address the underlying causes that may be triggering their symptoms. She loves connecting with and empowering people to transform their health, ensuring that they can enjoy optimal health and vitality throughout all stages of life.



  • Master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies at Wayne State University (Detroit)
  • Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from Northeastern University (Boston). 



Chronic Disease | Gastrointestinal Disorders | Weight Loss | Hormone Imbalance | Thyroid Disorders | Gut Health | |Women’s Health | Functional & Integrative Medicine | Cardiovascular Health



  • Institute for Functional Medicine


To schedule an appointment with Pamela please contact the Rochester Hills office by calling 248-844-1414.