What can I expect during my first visit?

You’ll start working with your care team right away. First, you’ll meet with a Forum Health provider. Next, you’ll have a consultation with a health coach. They’ll analyze lifestyle factors — including nutrition, exercise, and sleep — to help develop your treatment plan. If you decide to move forward with membership, we’ll order lab tests […]

Can I use my health insurance with Forum Health?

Our cash-based membership plans aim to provide freedom and certainty. Any insurance billing or reimbursement — including for labs and services not covered by membership — will vary by plan, patient, and several other factors. Forum Health does not accept plans through government health insurance programs. These include: Medicaid Medicare Medicare Advantage CHIP Tricare Please […]

Do I still need another doctor if I have a Forum Health membership? Why?

Forum Health membership is not intended to replace your relationship with a primary care physician. For some referrals and services — like an annual physical, mammogram, or colonoscopy — they might be better positioned to meet insurance requirements. We recommend that you find or remain established with a primary care physician.

Are lab tests included?

Lab tests are not included with payment for your membership plan or welcome visit. This is in part because they might be billable under your health insurance plan. We’ve also negotiated discounted rates with certain labs. Please ask about your options at the front desk.