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Chronic Fatigue-Fighting Tricks

While you seek treatment for chronic fatigue it helps to have a few energy boosting tricks on-hand throughout the day. Depending on the severity of your chronic fatigue symptoms, some simple fatigue-fighting tricks can re-energize your body and mind, helping you to feel less tired and more motivated throughout the day.


Master these energy-boosting strategies to combat fatigue.

Start your day with a healthy energizing breakfast. If you suffer from fatigue, incorporating high-fiber foods into your breakfast may help you to sustain alertness and energy throughout the morning. According to a study published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, a higher level of alertness between breakfast and lunch is more associated with a meal high in fiber and carbs than it is with a low-carb meal. Try to incorporate high-fiber foods like whole-wheat toast, apples or high-fiber cereals along with some high quality protein to help keep you energized and alert as your morning progresses.


Take short breaks throughout your day. Though multi-tasking throughout the day can help you achieve all of your tasks in record time, taking a short break every now and again can boost your energy level and help you complete every task on your to-do list plus more. One human performance study at Louisiana State University compared three different work-rest schedules for workers, and researchers found the schedule that allowed for briefer, more frequent breaks worked best in terms of fighting fatigue while increasing productivity. Try to break up your day with short breaks of five to 10 minutes to boost your energy and productivity at work.


Move around for increased energy. Getting up every once in a while does wonders for fighting fatigue. You don’t have to start running to boost you energy levels—a short walk is enough to do the trick! If you sit at an office desk for most of your day, that lifestyle doesn’t do much when it comes to fighting chronic fatigue. Try to make an effort to get up for at least five to 10 minutes every couple of hours and walk around your office building. You’ll be surprised how quickly your energy levels will rise back to normal after remaining sedentary for so long.


Surround yourself with high-energy friends. It’s difficult to avoid the energy-suckers of day-to-day life—those people who are always in a bad mood and constantly complaining. Being around these people for a prolonged period of time can really bring down your mood as well as your energy levels. Negative people can make you feel stressed in their presence, leaving you drained of all your energy long after they’re gone. When possible, try to surround yourself with upbeat friends and family members. Their energetic and vivacious personalities will likely rub off on you, helping you to feel refreshed and full of energy just as they do.


If you suffer from chronic fatigue, treatments for your condition will prove most beneficial for relieving your feelings of tiredness. However, it may not hurt to try out some of these energy-boosting tricks whenever you feel your levels drop during the day. You might be surprised how a simple lifestyle adjustment can really boost your overall mood and energy level.