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Eating Broccoli with Sprouts Doubles its Anti-Cancer Power

We have always been told to eat our vegetable because they are good for us and in recent years research has indicated that eating fresh vegetables can have anti-aging qualities and even help to prevent some forms of cancer. But the news gets better yet. A recent scientific study has led to the discovery that when broccoli is eaten together with broccoli sprouts, it actually doubles broccoli’s anti-cancer power.


This doubling up effect works because broccoli contains a sulfur compound called sulforaphane which has an anti-cancer action. The sprouts contain myrosinasem which enhances sulforaphane formation and absorption from the broccoli when eaten together.


The latest research indicates that there was a definite noticeable double increase in these anti-cancer fighting qualities when the broccoli and sprouts were eaten together versus when eaten alone.


To benefit from this amazing power food duo, you must eat the broccoli and broccoli sprouts together, the broccoli must be properly cooked and you should eat between three to five servings per week. You must be careful to properly cook the broccoli because overcooking it totally depletes the nutritional content and anti-cancer powers. The perfect way to get all of the anti-aging and anti-cancer benefits from broccoli is to steam it for two to four minutes. This allows protection for the vegetable’s enzyme and the helps retain the important nutrients.


Research also indicates that there are other foods that can be paired with broccoli to boost its cancer fighting benefits. Broccoli can be eaten with mustard, radishes, arugula and wasabi to obtain this double dose of cancer fighting compounds.


So what are you waiting for? Head out to the Rochester Hills, MI Farmer’s Market today and stock up on plenty of broccoli and sprouts to get this super cancer fighting vegetable duo working for you today!