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What is Functional Medicine?

While functional medicine is a new term to many people, many of the ideas behind it have been around for some time. Functional medicine is a type of holistic medicine that is particularly patient centered. It is a sort of integrated care that can pull influences from traditional Western medicine, Eastern medicine and naturopathic practices.

Instead of focusing merely on the lack of disease, practitioners of functional medicine aim to help patients achieve their maximum level of health. This is accomplished through counseling on diet, developing an exercise regimen, and, when needed, adding supplements. Functional medicine is great for those who are looking for anti-aging regimens, since a high level of physical fitness and a healthy diet can help you look and feel younger.

In functional medicine, the doctor tailors regimens to the individual patient. It is important for doctors to listen to their patients’ needs and concerns, and help address them. Treatments are tailored to each patient’s physical and psychological needs.

Functional medicine does not treat each system in the body directly, but instead looks at the way the body’s systems interact, and treats the body as a whole. By taking a holistic approach, the patient enjoys better health overall.

There are some do’s and don’ts when you look for a functional medicine practitioner nearby in Rochester. Research doctors you are considering to find out about their practices. Two types of functional medicine treatments that are often very successful are Chelation Therapy and Intravenous vitamin supplement treatment. Your physician will be able to direct you to the best form of functional medicine for your needs!