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Wake Up! Natural Ways to Fight Fatigue

Getting through a long day at work and balancing your household duties is hard for anyone, but is particularly difficult for those dealing with chronic fatigue. If Rochester continues to hustle and bustle as you find yourself weak, tired and irritated, then it might be time for you to find natural ways to perk yourself up.


Caffeine only lasts for so long and energy drinks have more sugar than they do beneficial nutrients. When it comes to finding ways to muster up more energy to power through the day, you are better off taking an all-natural route.


Fight Fatigue Naturally

While you are pursuing medical treatment and discovering the underlying cause of your fatigue, take the time to implement new ways to give yourself a much-needed boost now and again. These all-natural methods are by no means a replacement for your physician’s recommendations, but when implemented in supplement to your existing medical plan, they might just put a bit more pep in your step.


Here are a few natural ways to fight fatigue:

  • Take a breath: An ancient form of yogic breathing called alternate nostril breathing is known to give a brief energy boost. To do this breathing exercise, hold your nose like you’re about to jump into a pool. Release your finger from your right nostril and breathe in for a count of four, and then out again for a count of four. Then repeat, but this time with your left nostril only. This form of breathing is still practiced in India as a natural way to boost energy.
  • Manage your blood sugar: If your blood sugar levels are spiking and falling all day then it will be no surprise when your energy levels mimic that. Eating a healthy diet with a balance of protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats can do a lot for your blood sugar levels, and keep you from getting too tired during the day. Eating smaller snacks throughout the day instead of larger meals can also help.
  • Aromatherapy: If you are in need of a brain boost, take a walk outside and try to find a rosemary plant. Even Shakespeare recognized the mental benefits of rosemary, as the plant is known to boost memory and cognition and can often get your mind out of a rut and back in action. Other scents that are good for energy include grapefruit, almond and bergamot.
  • Improve your posture: Our bodies tend to mimic our minds, so if you are tired and all you are thinking about is a nap, chances are you are going to start to slouch at your desk. Combat the feeling by sitting up straight at your desk. If you need more of a boost, stand up and walk around for a few minutes. A brief walk out in the sun may give you all the energy you need to power through a long afternoon.


These are just a few natural methods that you can use to get some get-up-and-go. Give these a try and let us know in a comment below if any of these natural tricks work for you!