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Anti-Aging Eating Habits for Weight Loss

As we age, it becomes harder for our bodies to maintain a healthy weight. Our energy levels decrease causing us to skimp on exercise; and as muscle mass decreases, fat storage ultimately increases. Since fatty tissue burns fewer calories than muscle tissue, you may need to make several dietary changes as you age to maintain a healthy weight.


Transitioning into an anti-aging diet can improve your health and aid with your weight loss efforts.


Lose Weight with these Anti-Aging Eating Habits:

  1. The first step to warding off weight gain as you age is to reduce your caloric intake. You can reduce your caloric intake on your own or participate in a medical weight loss low-calorie diet program. Medical weight loss diets can be combined with other weight loss tools such as HCG therapy to further enhance fat and weight loss. In addition to dietary adjustments, men and women should try to exercise on a regular basis to fight weight gain during the later years.
  2. Practicing proper portion control is another health habit to incorporate into your anti-aging diet. Reducing your portions for meals will help you cut calories and condition your body to feel fuller after eating smaller quantities. Most people also find they have more energy and generally feel better after consuming smaller meals instead of larger ones. Also, monitoring your portions can improve digestive regularity. All of these factors can improve your chances of combatting middle-age weight gain.
  3. You can also combat weight gain by introducing healthier foods into your diet. Find foods that are naturally low in calories and packed with essential vitamins and nutrients, like fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes. Choosing to eat more healthy foods while cutting out unhealthy, processed ones like cookies, cakes, pastries, sodas and fruit drinks is beneficial for anti-aging and weight loss success. If you’re lacking in energy, you can add protein-packed foods like healthy fish or lean chicken to your diet to increase your energy levels.


Though it is harder to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight with age, it’s not entirely impossible. You can fight weight gain in your later years by incorporating some of these anti-aging eating habits into your lifestyle. Sometimes, diet and exercise alone aren’t enough to achieve weight loss success—speak with your wellness doctor about how you can incorporate your weight loss efforts into your antiaging program.