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Importance of Exercise as You Age

As you age, you’ll find that your body doesn’t function the way it used to. From random pains to a slower metabolism, weight loss through dieting and exercise becomes more difficult the older you get.


New studies have further revealed that adults who regularly exercise throughout their lifetime maintained or increased their levels of muscle mass, while those who either refrained from exercise or performed minimal exercise routines one day per week decreased their level of muscle mass with age.


Based on this study, consistent exercise routines which combine cardio and resistance training practices are essential for those looking to lose weight and maintain better health with age. 


The study further revealed that one day of resistance training per week was sufficient for both younger and older adults to maintain strength for an extended period of time, which may help with your antiaging program. However, you don’t need to limit your activity to one a week. Aim for three days per week of strength training to ensure quicker weight loss in addition to warding off the detrimental health effects of aging.


You don’t need a fitness background to get started with daily exercise. Here are a few tips to help you find a workout you’ll love:

  • Check out the equipment at your local Rochester gym. This is an ideal setting for practicing resistance and strength-building exercises. Try out different weights and machines to build up your strength and work at your own pace.
  • Consider purchasing a few basic pieces of equipment for your own home. Try lifting weights in sets every other day and upgrade as the exercise becomes easier for you.


You can also try resistance bands or just perform sets of push-ups every other day to build up muscle. This will help reduce the muscle shrinking process while providing antiaging benefits to many aspects of your overall health.