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Elimination Diet to Remove Toxins

Help Your Body Heal Naturally

One of the simplest yet truest health-related aphorisms is this: “You are what you eat.” Quite simply, every food or beverage you consume has an effect on your body and your health, and every day, you could be making food choices that are having a very negative effect on your health and even your lifespan.


The fact is, each of us is unique, and even seemingly healthy foods can cause allergic reactions and other sensitivity responses in some people while others may be able to eat those same foods with no effects at all. And while we may be most familiar with common allergic symptoms such as rashes, hives or flushing, food sensitivities can cause a host of other problems that may be more difficult to pin down, such as fatigue, moodiness or depression, muscle or joint pain, or bowel irritability.


The best way to determine if your symptoms may be caused by exposure to a specific food, chemical additive or other toxin is by following an elimination diet. An elimination diet works by systematically clearing your body of substances that can cause sensitivity while also boosting your body’s natural ability to eliminate these products on its own.


Elimination diets in a nutshell

Elimination diets are an approach aimed at improving the health and function of the gastrointestinal and endocrine systems by eliminating exposures to toxic substances that can cause health problems.


During an elimination diet, certain foods or types of foods are eliminated entirely, enabling your body’s natural “detox system” to regain full functionality. In many cases, our bodies become overburdened by excessive exposure to irritating foods or other substances, eventually causing the system to break down or malfunction. Eliminating these foods reduces that burden and enables your detox system to heal.


Simple, effective approach

At Waller Wellness Center in Rochester Hills, MI, we understand the effects chemicals, toxins and even common foods can have on overall health. We also know that following a diet that requires significant changes in food choices can take a lot of effort. For some patients, the first few days represent an initial adjustment period where extra support and guidance can be especially important as their bodies adapt to new, healthier habits.


As a leader in functional medicine, Dr. Catherine Waller has developed an elimination diet plan that includes a daily menu planner, recipes and helpful tips to make the dieting process as simple as possible. If you’d like to learn more about our elimination diet and how it could help you experience better health, call us today and schedule an evaluation.