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Exercise Benefits the Mind and Body

Exercise is a leading form of treatment for stress management. This is because there is a connection between human minds and bodies. As we move, we feel better. Working out can help to relieve anxiety and ward off depression, and shares many benefits with meditation.


During a vigorous activity, such as walking, running or playing volleyball, our brains release endorphins, which are “feel good” hormones. Endorphins help relieve depression and anxiety. Those who are suffering from depression or an anxiety disorder in Rochester should consider making exercise a part of their daily lives. A 30-minute walk or a yoga class at a local health club will clear the mind and also can help aid weight loss efforts.


A sedentary lifestyle and daily unhealthy food choices lead more Americans to becoming overweight, and often even obese. Extra weight leads to depression, poor self-image and low self-esteem. Healthy weight can be reached by adopting a healthier lifestyle. Anyone who wants to achieve permanent weight loss in Rochester should change their diet preferences to include whole grains, fruits and vegetables. The key to shedding extra pounds is to burn more calories than you consume, and increased exercise is the best way to accomplish this. As pounds come off, many people start feeling better about themselves, and as a result their self-image and self-esteem levels often improve.


It is essential to make exercise enjoyable. It doesn’t need to be a 30-minute run on a treadmill or a yoga class. Walking, swimming and bike-riding are great workout options for those that are not accustomed to moving so much. As you get in shape, you can increase the time and the activity level, or switch to more challenging exercises.