Exercise to Reduce Anxiety

Patients that suffer from constant anxiety, or even an anxiety disorder, often experience symptoms such as excessive worry, unprovoked tension and out of proportion emotional reactions. Anxiety treatment programs such as behavior therapy and medications often help people to overcome their anxiety, but according to new research regular exercise may also play a role in the treatment of anxiety.


During a recent study, 30 women that suffered from generalized anxiety disorder or GAD were put on a therapy regimen. These 30 women also admitted to living sedentary lifestyles. One third of the women in the study received only medication. The rest were put onto one of two different exercise regimens, as well as receiving medication. Sixty percent of the women who engaged in resistance exercises as part of their anxiety treatment experienced remission of GAD. Forty percent of those on a cycling regimen and thirty percent of those taking medication alone experienced relief. After six weeks on the program, there was a significant difference in the levels of anxiety between the exercising and non-exercising groups.


This is good news for those that suffer from anxiety in the Rochester area. In addition to pursuing the anxiety treatment options that are available to you, it may be worthwhile to begin adding a regular exercise routine into your daily schedule. Enjoy the outdoors by taking long hikes along local trails or parks in your neighborhood, or try doing a half hour of yoga every morning before heading to work. By incorporating the physical fitness into your schedule and separating time out to treat yourself, you may experience a relief in your daily anxiety levels.