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Fight Holiday Depression by Preventing it from Taking Over Your Life

The month-long winter holiday season starts on Thanksgiving Day and goes through New Years day. All the chaos, stress and demands put on a person during this time increases the risk of developing Holiday Depression. The good news is that there are things that can help you take control of yourself and lower your risk of becoming depressed.

Take the time to create a budget and write down your expectations, before the holiday season gets out of hand. Be realistic when setting your goals, you cannot do everything in the short amount of time you have.

Select several special traditions that fit into your time frame. This will reduce your stress levels and help you stick to your budget. A mountain of gifts and holiday treats does not bring happiness. Save your money and spend less time shopping by choosing a few special gifts for the loved ones on your list.

Remember that you can say “no” when things start to feel overwhelming. You do not have to do everything that you put on your list, and you do not have to volunteer to help everyone that asks you for assistance.

The holiday season fills many people with feelings of happiness, and sometimes sadness. Take the time to express how you feel, instead of letting depression and sadness increase your stress levels. No one says you have to be bubbling with happiness during the holidays; you just need to make it through. Some people find participating in religious, community or holiday social events a good way to beat the blues and not feel lonely during this hectic time. The Rochester Hills of Rochester, Michigan has a website that includes a community calendar of events to help you find something enjoyable.