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Preserve Your Memory during Anti-Aging Therapy

As you approach the changes of andropause or menopause in Rochester Hills, you may notice that your memory isn’t as sharp is it once was. Perhaps you sometimes forget where you put your keys, miss an appointment you’ve had scheduled for weeks or can’t recall the name of someone you’ve met before. These are things we all experience with age, and though they can be alarming, they do not mean that you’re on the road to dementia—rather, they are signs of normal changes in the aging brain.


There are many things you can do to help yourself stay abreast of these changes. Anti-aging therapy can help by promoting optimal levels of crucial hormones in your body, but there are also a few tactics you can use on your own to promote a sharp mind with age. Keep your memory keen during andropause or menopause by:


  • Getting repetitive. If you hear, read or think something that you really want to remember, reinforce your memory by writing it down or saying it out loud. Use a planner, notebook or smartphone app to record important dates and notes, then consult them later to refresh your memory. You can also do this in person—if you meet someone new, help yourself remember his or her name by repeating it back in your greeting (for example, “It’s nice to meet you, John.”)
  • Learning for your whole life. Research shows that advanced education can improve your brain’s functioning into old age by helping you make a habit of staying mentally active. However, you don’t have to be in school to learn something new. Keep challenging your brain by discovering new facts about the things you do and the world you live in. Your job may already keep you mentally stimulated, but you can supplement this by reading and writing regularly, taking classes, doing puzzles and learning new skills.
  • Engaging your senses. The brain has an easier time remembering things when it associates them with different senses. Every time you do something, help yourself remember by providing your brain with as many different sensory cues as possible. If you’re cooking a new dish, smell the spices you use and focus on the different flavors you taste. If you’re trying a new workout, pay attention to the way it feels to move your body or watch your movements in a mirror.


Memory changes can be frustrating during menopause or andropause, but there are many things you can do to preserve your mental acuity.