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Revitalize Your Spirit, Volunteer

Aging is inevitable. With each passing minute, day and week we all age in many different ways. Some of us grow wiser and stronger while others of us grow more tired and less motivated. Aging shouldn’t be looked at as a negative aspect of life but more so an opportunity to laugh, love and live more. Seeking hormone replacement therapy in Rochester Hills can help you battle the more physical aspects of aging such as weight gain, memory loss and sleeplessness, but there are ways to boost your mental spirit as you age as well.


Volunteering in Rochester Hills is a great way for you to feel more confident, hopeful and healthy in addition to hormone replacement therapy. Most people see volunteering as a way to give back to the community and help those less fortunate live happier lives. But volunteering isn’t always about the giving—it’s also about the receiving. Volunteering is able to lift the spirits of the givers just as much as the receivers in that volunteers experience a range of revitalizing emotions when they lend a helping hand.


Volunteering helps boost your health in addition to hormone replacement therapy in Rochester Hills.


Volunteering can give you a “helper’s high.”


In a study of 3, 296 people who volunteer on a regular basis, participants reported an immediate euphoric sensation that accompanies the act of helping which some refer to as the “helper’s high.” This volunteering high begins with a burst of energy and a flood physical exhilaration. These feelings are then followed by a heightened sense of calm and emotional well-being. Scientifically speaking, these feelings are produced by the body’s release of endorphins—natural opiates within the body that foster well-being and relieve pain.


The same study also revealed that when volunteering is done on a regular basis, the influx of positive feelings begins to induce additional health benefits such as pain reduction, strengthened immune function, stress alleviation and heightened self-esteem. Other health benefits of weekly volunteering include fewer migraines, help with depression and sleeplessness and reduced overeating.


Volunteering reduces stress on a deeper level.


Experts believe the powerful mind-body connection of volunteering is similar to that of meditation. Since human stress is fueled by isolation and intermittent thought patterns, when you volunteer you interrupt your negative internal thoughts by focusing your attention toward the people you are serving. The act of serving another person triggers mood-enhancing chemicals in the brain, helping you to feel happy and relaxed as you form a deeper connection with another person. Some volunteers even report experiencing feelings of enhanced self-worth due to the fact they’ve helped someone other than themselves.


Though many of us see the physical signs of aging as negative aspects, it’s important to recognize the importance of psychological growth as well. By volunteering you can move beyond the physical aspects of aging to better appreciate the spiritual aspects of life by fostering a deeper, more meaningful sense of connectedness to the world around you. The health benefits of volunteering alone are a great way to supplement your hormone replacement therapy in Rochester Hills.