Accurate Thyroid Diagnosis? Thyroflex Testing is the Latest in Thyroid Care


Thyroflex Thyroid Reflex Testing in Rochester Hills

Reflex testing using the new technology of Thyroflex can help determine thyroid function quickly and efficiently.

Weight gain, fatigue, dry skin and brittle nails? Normal and within-range blood work? Tired of feeling awful with no real answers to what it could be?

Your Thyroid Could be Causing Unexplained Symptoms

The thyroid plays an important role in the body as it helps regulate the metabolism through the release of hormones. When the thyroid is either overactive or underactive, you can experience mild to serious symptoms. The longer you go without addressing a thyroid imbalance, the more serious the symptoms can become and eventually cause long-term or chronic illness.

Thyroid dysfunction symptoms include:

  • Feeling sluggish, lethargic or fatigued
  • Having trouble with your memory
  • Significant changes in weight, loss or gain
  • Trouble sleeping and headaches
  • Problems with your bowels and constipation
  • Always cold
  • Thinning, loss or brittle hair
  • Aches and pains particularly in the joints or arthritis
  • Low libido


Left unmanaged, these symptoms may lead to more serious health concerns including heart problems, diabetes, low blood pressure, depression and neurological diseases, and fertility complications.

How Blood Tests Alone May Not Catch a Thyroid Imbalance

Typically, your doctor will begin with bloodwork to get a picture of your health. While this is standard practice, stopping there really does you a disservice. There is so much more that needs to be considered to get a full picture of your health. While hormone imbalance may show up on bloodwork, it may not. So it is not reliable on its own. Using a functional medicine approach to identify and address the root cause of symptoms is key when addressing thyroid issues.

For years, doctors have known that deep tendon reflex time is an indicator of your metabolism’s health, which is directly correlated with your thyroid function. This reflex test was previously done manually by doctors during a physical exam and they would use clinical judgment to gauge an adequate reflex response time. However, new technology is available to take the guesswork and margin for error out of testing deep tendon reflex time with the non-invasive Thyroflex.

Thyroflex Testing Technology for Accurate Thyroid Function Analysis in Rochester Hills

Thyroflex is a patented, non-invasive test used to measure deep tendon reflex time and reveal any potential thyroid abnormalities. Thyroflex has been shown to be 98% accurate in testing for thyroid dysfunction. And also tests FT3, brain function, reflex speed, and resting metabolic rate. Additionally, the screening measures the body’s essential hormones cortisol, GABA, DHEA, D3, iodine, and CoQ10.

The Thyroflex test is done in-office, is completely non-invasive, and only takes 15 minutes from start to finish. Using a wand-like device that is placed on the arm, your reflexes are measured and the Thyroflex device produces a complete analysis. The results of this test are interpreted by a qualified provider to determine thyroid function and provide recommendations.

Thyroflex can also be used to monitor and manage an already diagnosed thyroid condition and give insight to the effectiveness of medication dosage. For example, when reflexes are too slow it may be beneficial to increase dose, and decrease dose when reflexes are too fast. Any changes to medication should be recommended by your medical professional.

The Thyroflex test at Forum Health Rochester Hills is paired with a questionnaire to capture health history, current condition and help your provider forecast any symptoms that could become an issue. Combined with blood analysis, and clinical judgment of all your symptoms using a functional approach, your Forum Health provider will have the tools to help determine a possible thyroid condition and begin a personalized treatment plan to restore your health.

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