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The Right Wellness Program for You

Weight loss is a personal process. Just as you gained weight slowly and for a wide variety of reasons, the right way to lose weight takes time and depends much on your mental health, time management,

Learning Your Healthy Weight

When you started your medical weight loss program you probably had a particular goal weight in mind. However, the goal weight you wish to achieve may not always be the healthiest weight for you. Despi

Optimism for Weight Loss Success

After battling with weight issues for years, attempting several failed diets and giving up on losing weight for good on numerous occasions, optimism is most likely the last thing on your mind. However

Lose Weight Bite by Bite

There are a few benefits of living in Michigan that many of us don’t take enough advantage of. One of those benefits is the amount of local apple orchards throughout the entire state. Right here in Ro

The Power of Pomegranate

The term “super food” gets thrown around a lot in popular health circles. Every day, it seems, there’s new talk of some berry from Asia that will help you become fitter and happier, fight off every di

Just Say NO to Sugar

Watch out big tobacco—there is another highly-addictive drug on the streets trailing closely behind you, and this one has detrimental health effects that are similar to yours with a slightly sweeter d

Breaking Bad Habits

Habits can be good or bad. Good habits improve a person’s life, like learning how to drive without thinking of all the complex details of how to operate it on a busy road. Conversely, bad habits can r

How You Can Eat More and Lose Weight

Many popular diet plans have promised you can lose weight by eating as much as you want of whatever you want. While those claims may, in fact, be too good to be true, it is possible to lose weight wi

Obesity and Depression

Many people who are overweight or obese may find themselves struggling with depression as well. On the other hand, some people who struggle with depression find themselves unable to properly manage th

Make Walking Count with a Pedometer

If part of your weight loss and fitness plan consists of walking, you might want to consider getting a pedometer. By counting your steps throughout your entire day, whether you’re engaging in your nor

How to boost your metabolism

Dieters often talk about ways to “boost their metabolism” in an effort to burn more calories when they’re at rest. The reality, however, is that your body’s natural metabolism usually has very little

Calcium and Weight Loss

Rumors have swirled around weight loss circles that getting more calcium could help you lose weight. But is there any scientific proof to back up this claim?