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3 Ways to Make It Easier to Meet Daily Activity Goals

Adopting and sticking to a healthy lifestyle can be difficult. It seems there are always reasons to forego exercise for some other activity. By making exercise more enjoyable and making it a part of your routine, you can be more certain of getting in at least a bit every day. A few suggestions:


1. Start a lunchtime walking group.

Just 30 minutes of aerobic activity can be enough to support weight loss and improve your health. Get the whole office involved by organizing a lunchtime walking group. Making a commitment to your peers adds the pleasure of camaraderie and the added support of accountability.


2. Bribe yourself.

There are a number of online reward programs and apps that give you points when you exercise, which can be turned in for gift cards, magazine subscriptions, and more. Can’t find a program you like? Create your own. Each time you hit a milestone, such as completing a full month of fitness classes, reward yourself with a manicure, a book or movie, or an indulgent massage.


3. Check out play-oriented fitness.

Many people find that treadmills, exercise bikes, and weights leave them bored and uninspired. To keep fitness interesting, look for play-oriented fitness instead. In cities throughout the country, participants at any level of fitness can climb walls and navigate balance courses in beginner parkour classes. If this doesn’t seem like your speed, you can look into adult kickball leagues, dance fitness, and playgrounds for adults. Keep trying new things until you find one that fits your personal sense of fun. When you look forward to an activity and enjoy participating, you are more likely to make it a regular part of a healthy lifestyle.