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Climb Out of Your Workout Rut

For many people trying to lose weight, working out each day is simply part of the schedule. A surprising number of people simply do the same routine each and every time they visit the gym, spending 30 minutes on the elliptical or using the same set of weights. Although it is certainly true that working out this way is better than not at all, it is important to understand the benefits of mixing up your workout routine. By doing the same workout everyday, the human body knows what to expect and is no longer stressed or challenged, and the heart rate won’t rise significantly over time. Here are some ways to climb out of your workout rut and make significant changes to your body.


Get Competitive: If working out alone is not getting you the desired results, team up with a competitive friend. See who can last longer on the treadmill or lift the heaviest weights. A little bit of friendly competition can help give you the push you need to tackle longer and harder workouts that challenge the body and help you shed pounds.


Take a New Class: The same few movements day in and day out mean that eventually your body gets accustomed to running, cycling or using the elliptical. Consider taking a new group fitness class to shake-up the routine. Try a high energy dance class or even an intense boot camp.


Hire a Personal Trainer: If nothing else is giving you the weight loss results you want, hire a personal trainer that will push you to your limits and demand your best from you.


Any of these suggestions is bound to help you break free from your workout rut and see results. Combined with a HCG diet in Rochester, these workout tips can help you to achieve faster weight loss results.