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Tips to Get a Great Workout at Home

Getting to the gym isn’t always easy, especially when a stressful day or the bitter cold of a Michigan winter makes staying home seem more inviting. However, exercise is essential during medical weight loss—you’ll need to burn calories and build strength to keep off the weight you lose, so skipping workouts consistently is a recipe for disaster.

This is why having a home gym can be so valuable. With a way to exercise at home, any spare moment spent in your home can become an opportunity to build your fitness. You’ll never have to pay membership dues, you’ll never have to wait for equipment and all the gear will be tailored exclusively to your own needs and interests.

Though building a home gym can seem like a lofty dream during your medical weight loss program, it doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Even those with tight budgets and limited space can begin building a workout area of their very own by following a few simple steps.

Looking for a Location

You may already have a spot in mind for your gym: your underutilized attic, the empty corner of your garage or basement, that spare bedroom being used for storage space. You don’t need much more than six square feet to start putting together a workout area of your very own, so start thinking of potential locations. Just remember that convenience is key—for the best results, you will need to keep your gear set up and accessible at all times.

A good atmosphere can also make a big difference. If your gym space is dark, cluttered and stuffy, you’ll have a tough time staying energized and focused during your workouts. Windows can greatly improve the ambiance of your workout area. If your workout space doesn’t have a window, then it can help immensely to make the place feel more open with mirrors, houseplants and good lighting. You should also have access to at least one electrical outlet if you hope to use a wired exercise machine, fan, TV, stereo or computer.

Stocking Up

Your gym will only be as valuable as the workouts you get there, so it’s important to fill your gym with equipment you’ll use often and effectively. For some people, this means investing in a treadmill, exercise bike or other major workout machine, but it isn’t always necessary to commit so much money or space to a single item. You can still get an all-around great workout with simple tools like:

  • An exercise mat
  • A stability ball
  • Light free weights
  • A jump rope

Once your gym is stocked, use it as often as possible and never stop improving it. The more you put into your gym, the more you’ll get out of it, so spend your free time making it the perfect place get the workouts you’ll need during medical weight loss.