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How Being Active Can Still Be Fun

One of the biggest challenges during medical weight loss in Rochester Hills is staying committed to regular exercise. At the beginning of a medical weight loss program, most people are not daily exercisers, and getting into the habit can be easier said than done.

For many people, the problem stems not from an inherent dislike of exercise, but from a lack of enthusiasm for the activity they engage in. Take a look around any gym for the evidence: people force themselves to slog through lengthy treadmill or elliptical sessions for the good of their health, though this is an activity that few (if any) will ever truly enjoy.

When you view exercise as a chore, it can make staying motivated an uphill battle. If you force yourself to do something you don’t love, you’re more likely to search for excuses to skip out, and this can make it difficult to develop the physical fitness that will bolster your progress during medical weight loss. Because there are as many workouts in this world as there are stars in the sky, a better strategy is to pick something you genuinely enjoy doing, something you’ll be drawn back to day after day.

Workouts during medical weight loss are about improving your health, but they can also be used to explore your interests and have a little fun. Though only you can decide which workouts will be most engaging, you don’t have to subject yourself to the same old boring activities every day. Instead, use your time to dive into something new!

It’s pretty chilly in Rochester Hills and the rest of Michigan this time of year, but that doesn’t limit your options. Though wintry outdoor activities like sledding, skiing and ice-skating can be perfect for burning some calories during medical weight loss, you can also use the colder months to explore fun indoor workouts like:

  • Martial arts. Miss your chance to be a Karate Kid? Don’t worry—martial arts classes are open to all and can teach you valuable self-defense skills in addition to helping you stay fit. For an intense workout, try a class in judo or Muay Thai; for something a bit more relaxed, try tai chi or qigong.
  • Dance. In addition to providing an all-around great workout, dance classes can give you opportunities to socialize and learn some new moves to show off at your next party. Dance is also a great way to learn about different cultures—try bhangra or Zumba to burn calories and give yourself a little culture shock.


Remember: if you find yourself dreading your exercise routine, it’s probably time to find a new activity.