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Lose Weight Bite by Bite

There are a few benefits of living in Michigan that many of us don’t take enough advantage of. One of those benefits is the amount of local apple orchards throughout the entire state. Right here in Rochester Hills there is the historic Yates Cider Mill  where you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon near the river or walk through the petting zoo, all while having access to freshly picked apples.

Those participating in a program for HCG weight loss in Rochester Hills might not think of going out to apple orchards and parks like this at the moment, since your low calorie diet reduces the amount of food you are eating right now. However, spending the day at an apple orchard might help you practice a form of meditation that can both complement your current medical weight loss plan and help you keep the weight off when your program comes to an end. All you need to get started is close your eyes and take a bite.

Savoring Yourself Slim

Pick up an apple and rub your thumb along its skin, feeling all of the little bumps and bruises that the fruit has endured before reaching you. Wash the apple under cold water and pat it dry, and as you do so think about what the apple is going to taste like. Will it be juicy? Is it going to be tart, sweet or somewhere right in between?

Really concentrate on the apple, thinking about all of the imperfections and oddities that make this apple unlike any other you have had or ever will have. This apple wasn’t mass produced in a warehouse somewhere. It grew on a tree, ripened to perfection and now sits solemnly in your hand waiting for you to take a bite.

Now pause. You might be wondering why on Earth you are paying so much attention to your apple. Well, if you followed all of the steps above then you likely just spent two or three minutes thinking about your food before even taking a bite. While doing this you pushed all other thoughts out of your head. You weren’t thinking about how much you’d rather have a donut or bagel, and you weren’t thinking about impending deadlines coming up later in the day. By separating yourself from external factors you were able to focus on the snack at hand. Imagine if you did this for everything you ate—breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks!

Part of the reason the HCG diet works so well is that it helps you eat much less by reducing your appetite. Once you stop taking HCG, your appetite will come back. That is why it is wise for you to start implementing dietary tricks now that will help you eat less as you adjust back to your normal diet.

Since apples are such a big part of Michigan’s environment, they function as a great tool for Rochester Hills residents to learn how to take a step back and savor every bite, but you can do this same type of activity with everything you eat. By eating slower and enjoying everything you put in your mouth you are likely to eat less and ultimately reduce your calorie intake without feeling deprived. In fact, by eating more mindfully you may find that you actually enjoy eating healthily!