Make Walking Count with a Pedometer

If part of your weight loss and fitness plan consists of walking, you might want to consider getting a pedometer. By counting your steps throughout your entire day, whether you’re engaging in your normal activities or your exercise routine, the pedometer can act as a cornerstone of your walking and fitness program.


When you first get your pedometer, it’s important to calculate your baseline steps – the number of steps you average during your normal daily routine. Wear the pedometer all day long for three days, then add up the total number of steps. Divide by three, and you have your baseline, which you can use for setting your walking goals.


You may find it useful to set short-term and long-term goals. In the short term, you may want to double your baseline or add a certain number of steps each day. For the long term, you can plan to increase the intensity of a percentage of your steps or set a strong goal for the total number of steps you plan on walking each day. Simply by parking farther away, using the stairs, and walking when you’re on the phone or doing a similar activity, you might find that these goals are not difficult to attain.