Our Happy Patients

The practitioners at this office are top notch. I feel heard after my appointments.

I have been a patient since 2012. I've always received excellent care and my health reflects as such.

Kimberly was kind & took the time to explain everything in a way that I could understand. She answered all my questions and came up with a health plan tailored to me, using the results from my bloodwork. I left our visit very hopeful for positive results.

Very thoroughly explained what my numbers mean and how to address areas of concern.

Forum Health in particular Kimberly Cabe have been outstanding in providing the best health care getting my health where I need it. I highly recommend them for your health care needs.

Love the care and attention. Pam is awesome.

I’m so excited. They’ve given me hope that I will feel better. Professional, kind and knowledgeable with all health care!

Pam Thomas was very helpful with practical tips for working with my several chronic health issues. The new patient portal makes it easy to review notes from the appointment also. The Forum Health staff are friendly and accommodating as always. I've been coming here (Waller Wellness/Forum Health) for well over 10 years. They've helped me over some rough patches and my knowledge and treatment for my conditions continues to astound my primary care and specialty surgeons. I couldn't have done this without support and treatment from this office.

I experienced a great visit. My questions were answered and will try the suggestions for a brighter healthier future.

The staff is wonderful! I always receive excellent service. Elise and Eric always go above and beyond for me!

My results speak for themselves. I was obese, unhappy, had low energy, could not recover from workouts, and was a carboholic. Under the Waller Wellness Center’s guidance, I dropped 62 lbs in 14 months, got rid of my fatty liver, dropped my cholesterol, and got my hormones back in line. I cannot say enough good things about this practice.

As I got closer to 50, my body developed pockets of cellulite and my energy plummeted. I knew something wasn’t right, so I called Dr. Waller to the rescue. She listened to my concerns and didn’t dismiss them. After her treatments, I feel charged with energy, my skin feels much better, and I've been able to lose and keep off 5 pounds. I now have a positive outlook and reasonable certainty that I can handle the symptoms of aging instead of them ruling my life.

My thyroid condition has improved since seeing the team at the Waller Wellness Center, and they were the first to offer me treatment for it! Conventional doctors told me, 'You're fine,' or, 'It will have to get worse before we can treat it.’ Pamela listened to me and worked with me on any concerns I had. They have given me hope for a long and healthy life when no one else would.

Forum Health Rochester Hills has an excellent team who incorporates a truly holistic mindset by integrating mind, body, and soul to provide service excellence for patients and families. I struggle with chronic illness, and from my first visit, I knew I was in excellent hands. All of their staff is kind, compassionate, and truly care for each of their patients as if they are family. Waller Wellness Center seeks to find the root cause of chronic disease, instead of masking symptoms. Through their care, I have improved dramatically and have a much better quality of life. They provide extensive education and empower patients to take an active role in their healing and wellness journey. I am truly grateful for this office, and I would highly recommend their office to anyone.

Very thorough and compassionate care! I am looking toward to seeing how my health improves by working with Dr. Waller and staff. All of the people with whom I’ve interacted are highly patient-focused.

I have been seeing Pamela, the Physician Assistant at Forum Health Rochester Hills , since November 2016. I tried 4 other integrative / functional medicine locations, and this one fit me the best. The waiting room is peaceful and relaxing with a trickling water wall and green tea/water offered while you wait. I like how the office spaces out appointments so that you are seen on time and not rushed. The office staff is fantastic; they are very knowledgable and customer service-oriented. Pamela is brilliant, and always uses science-based explanations when reviewing my blood work. I have personally experienced how a focus on a healthy diet and lifestyle can make me feel better, and I would absolutely recommend this office to anyone struggling with their health.

I have been a patient of Forum Health Rochester Hills for many years. Now with Pam. She is very professional and has my health and fitness on track.

I have been coming to Forum Health Rochester Hills now for three years. I decided to try another route other than traditional medicine to help get my thyroid under control. Waller Wellness has helped me every step of the way. Naomi is a wealth of knowledge and Pamela is a very understanding physician. Everybody is so nice from the office staff to the blood draw. From where I started three years ago until now is night and day. I feel like I am finally in control of my health.


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