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Slow the Aging Process

A 20-year study tracking almost 5,000 adults from Britain found the odds of aging gracefully increase with certain lifestyle choices. Although they indicate maintaining healthy habits doesn’t guarantee a longer, healthier life, it does increase the odds.


The study detailed the effects of physical activity, smoking tobacco, diet, and alcohol consumption on mortality. They found people who had a combination of unhealthy habits could seem 12 years more advance in age than participants in the groups with the least risky behaviors and habits.


Everyone wants to delay the onset of aging and its negative health effects, and there are definite lifestyle choices that help accomplish this. Including one or more of these healthy habits in your daily routine can have positive anti-aging results.


Drink fewer than the advised amount of alcoholic drinks. For men, this is an average of three daily drinks. Women are cautioned to drink an average of two drinks per day. Excessive alcohol consumption can increase the risk for liver disease and a host of cardiovascular problems.


Stop smoking. Get professional help if needed to quit this life-shortening habit.


Regular daily exercise promotes wellbeing, both physical and mental. Look for activities in the Rochester Hills, Michigan, area that encourage routine physical activity. Walking is an ideal way to add more movement to your routine.


Increasing daily servings of fruits and vegetables to between four and six has a recognized anti-aging effect. These foods decrease the risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, and certain cancers.


A few moments of meditation every day alleviates stress, a factor implicated in the development of many diseases.


Adequate sleep gives the body time to recuperate, repair, and heal. A minimum of seven hours can promote increased mental and physical health.