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The Sweet Scent of Menopause Relief

Don’t underestimate the power of scent. A familiar and soothing scent can trigger a memory, promote relaxation and even relieve the symptoms of menopause.


You may not realize how often you have turned to aromatherapy in times of chaos or distress. This aromatic form of healing dates back to ancient civilizations when the burning of incense was introduced as an aspect of spiritual meditation. In our busy society, a lot of us don’t take the time to meditate, but we will take a moment to smell the roses. That is because a quick sniff can do a lot to stimulate our senses, calm our nerves and even reduce tension in our muscles.


Aromatherapy and Anti-Aging

A natural result of aging, a lot of women experience a series of uncomfortable symptoms as menopause takes its toll. Hot flashes, sleep disturbances and fatigue are all common concerns with age. The muscle aches and weakness that develop with menopause have caused a lot of women to turn to regular massage for symptomatic relief, but physically relieving tension from the muscles isn’t enough to rejuvenate the spirit—or maybe it is. Combining aromatherapy with classic massage techniques helps a lot of women to cope better with the symptoms of menopause and fight the discomfort of aging.


Aromatherapy is not an anti-aging treatment for menopause and will not relieve symptoms as bioidentical hormone replacement will. However, when introduced in conjunction with your medical anti-aging regimen the sweet-smelling benefits of lavender, rosemary and almond are paramount.


When you are in the midst of a hot-flash, lighting a candle may be the last idea that comes to mind, but it may be just the trick. You don’t need to be at the spa to give aromatherapy a whirl. The next time you are experiencing about of symptoms you can sit down and let the soothing scents take over.


Medical anti-aging treatment like BHRT targets the hormones that are causing menopausal symptoms and can reverse or delay the onset of symptoms. Aromatherapy doesn’t work on quite the same premise. Instead of combatting the physiological reasons for symptoms, aromatherapy relieves the stress and discomfort that happens as a result of menopause. By diminishing your reaction to certain symptoms they can often go unnoticed or become less severe.


Aromatherapy is certainly not a solution for menopause but it may help you to relax more and cope with the symptoms that you are experiencing in the comfort of your home. The next time that you are experiencing a hot flash or feel fatigued open some essential oils and let your nose run wild with fragrance.