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Man’s Best Co-worker?

A large component of your medical weight loss program is learning to manage your stress. Think about it—after a long day at the office with a nagging co-worker, it can be very hard to find the energy to cook a healthy meal for you and your family. This is aside from the emergency candy drawer that you have to ward off panic attacks after a stressful morning meeting. Think about the difference in the way that you would eat every day if stress and fatigue stopped playing such a huge role in how you approach food.


Losing weight and keeping it off long term requires you to develop a healthier lifestyle, and this can take time. In addition to re-thinking the items that you will put into your mouth, you need to think differently about how you spend your free time and manage your stress levels.


Take your Dog to Work Day

Looser company pet policies are growing in popularity. There are a lot of benefits for both employees and employers when dogs are permitted in the office. Studies have shown that when workers are permitted to keep their dogs with them at the office the atmosphere becomes friendlier, communication becomes enhanced and productivity even increases.


The benefits of a canine office party are not limited to the company perks. The stress relief that employees experience by having their best friends sitting at their feet or in their lap as they work on the computer is immeasurable. Having a pet has been proven to offer a large number of health benefits, including reduced anxiety and enhanced heart health. Bringing these benefits with you to the office where you are subject to increased stress levels just makes sense for a lot of busy people.


Ultimate Workout Partner

Aside from helping to relieve stress at the office, having a dog is a great way to ensure that you will always have company for a walk or jog down the street. Regular exercise is another great way to relieve stress, so if you aren’t able to take your pooch with you to the office then start a regular walking routine with your canine companion in the evenings.


The first few hours of the evening always seem to fly by. Whether you are running errands, cooking dinner, helping with homework or just napping after a long day, that evening trip to the gym is a hard sell for most working adults. Hang a leash up next to your front door. When you get home from work and hang up your keys, grab the leash and take your dog for a walk right away. This is a great way to clear your head and burn a few calories before deciding what you are going to have for dinner.


Losing weight requires a lot of big changes in your life, and adding a dog to the family may be one way to remind yourself every day of your commitment to a healthier lifestyle.