PTSD and Anxiety May Cause Panic Attacks

We all encounter anxiety in everyday life, and often this anxiety can become overwhelming, and even lead to a panic attack. A panic attack is characterized by sudden, intense fear that causes physical symptoms such as chest pain, accelerated heartbeat, difficulty breathing, sweating, dizziness, chills, stomach pain, and nausea. In cases where a Troy patient has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or another anxiety disorder, the panic attack is usually triggered by a reminder of the trauma that caused the disorder.


It can be nearly impossible to fully prepare for a panic attack, but Troy residents should be aware of what to look for in case one occurs. Panic attacks can cause one to feel momentarily out of control and afraid of dying. A panic attack can also alter your state of mind and make you question the reality of your surroundings. These symptoms are usually the most intense approximately ten minutes into the attack. In general, a panic attack can last anywhere from five to twenty minutes, but some can even last up to a few hours.


If you have experienced a panic attack, this may be a sign of a serious anxiety disorder such as PTSD. Having a panic attack can be a traumatic experience in and of itself, and should be treated by a visit to a Troy stress management specialist.