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Tips for Managing Anxiety

Struggling with an anxiety disorder not only has negative effects on your mind, but your body as well. Most of us are used to anxiety-filled environments and find stress to be a daily occurrence, whether it’s caused by a work overload, a sick child, an unpaid bill, or any other stressful situation you may encounter throughout your day. Although you may not be able to control your environment, you can take charge of your anxiety treatment to control how it affects you.


1. Relax:

It sounds easier said than done, but taking a few minutes each day to just relax is a fundamental component of anxiety treatment. You can join a local Royal Oak yoga club to meditate the stress away or practice deep breathing in a quiet location each day when you start to feel overwhelmed.


2. Drink a hot beverage

Hot beverages like chamomile tea and hot water with lemon have a soothing effect on the body that can help keep your anxiety disorder at bay. The latter beverage also has skin-detoxifying benefits that can help reduce other negative side-effects of stress.


3. Massage

An anxiety disorder can often cause a lot of tension in your muscles that may cause even bigger problems down the road. Schedule a massage for yourself on a regular basis to relieve a bit of the tension in your neck and back, and treat yourself for a session of relaxation.


4. Stop anxious thoughts at bedtime

Lack of sleep can also contribute to increased anxiety throughout the day, which can be prevented by halting unnecessary ruminating at bedtime. If you find yourself thinking anxious thoughts when you lie down to sleep, make an effort to stop these thoughts in their tracks and think of only positive thoughts before you go to sleep.


5. Exercise

Exercising is an incredibly helpful anxiety treatment that can not only help reduce your stress levels, but help keep your weight at a healthy level too. Take 30 minutes to an hour each day taking a walk in the fresh air or performing other physical routines to keep your heart rate high while allowing those endorphins to kick in.