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Can We Stop the Clock on Aging?


There are many biologic processes that contribute to and even accelerate aging. There are also ways to slow it down and reverse it. Aging is the result of cell damage caused by a variety of insults over time. These changes are largely preventable and can be reversed in many cases. 


By understanding the causes of aging we can slow down or even reverse the process, and become biologically younger as we become chronologically older. Your biological age can be measured in terms of your functionality, (rather than your years of living), by looking at how well your body functions (i.e. Vision, memory, cognition, flexibility, strength, and endurance), but it can also be
measured through specialized testing which assesses your “cellular age”.


One such test is called “telomere length”. Telomeres are the “end caps” on every chromosome, kind of like the little plastic tips on your shoelaces. Every time a cell divides the telomere gets slightly shorter. When the telomeres are gone, the cell dies forever. If you can keep the telomeres from getting shorter the cell can, in essence, become immortal. Here at the Waller Wellness Center we
can measure your telomere length and tell you how old you are, on a cellular level. We can also retest every so often to show you how well your anti-aging regimen is working. We routinely have patients get “younger” over time while working with us! 


If you would like to find out how well you are aging, make an appointment today with our Waller Wellness Center providers. If you are already a patient, ask your medical provider to tell you more about this unique test!