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Cut Calories and Savor Every Bite

It is about four in the afternoon, and it has been at least three hours since your last meal—you are hungry. But are you really hungry? Well, the vending machine down the hall thinks that you are, and it may be right. What are you hungry for? Anything—this is unlikely. You know that you are in the mood for something specific, but what?


This is a situation that all too many of us know. You feel hungry and you are in the mood for something, but you aren’t so hungry that you are ready to eat just about anything. When trying to lose weight it is important to track these types of thoughts. Often, this type of situation will lead to overeating. Instead of munching mindlessly until you figure out what you are craving, think about the options. By figuring out your choices and pinpointing what you want you can savor every bite and eat less—thereby cutting calories without depriving yourself of your favorite foods!


The hCG diet in Rochester can help you to lose weight by encouraging you to feel less hungry, but in order to lose weight you need to not eat when you are not hungry. For many people, this means obtaining all of the nutrients and meeting the daily cravings of saltiness and sweetness in fewer calories.


One important thing to consider is the type of texture and flavor that you are craving. Are you looking for something salty, sweet, warm or crunchy? If you are in the mood for something crunchy and salty, then a serving of non-fat yogurt is most likely not going to feel very satisfying. Try thinking of diet friendly snacks that meet these different categories. Potato chips are not a healthy option, but pretzels or popcorn can be when eaten in moderation. By having one serving of pretzels you may meet your salty craving without going over your calorie intake for the day.


Likewise, if you used to enjoy a warm cinnamon roll every morning but have given that up to be healthier, then there is a big chance that your new morning granola regimen is less than satisfying. Instead of changing the flavor and texture of your morning meal, try making a smaller adjustment. Oatmeal is another smooth and warm meal, and with a small amount of cinnamon and brown sugar may stimulate your taste buds in a similar fashion to that old cinnamon roll. Instead of just eating fewer foods, try to think more about the flavors that you enjoy and the texture of the foods that you like to eat, and when you like to eat them. By dissecting your diet this way you can overcome the desire to overeat without feeling deprived of your favorite foods.