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Eating Right Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

For many people, the thought of eating right can seem complicated and overwhelming. The truth is that eating healthy can be fairly simple once you understand the basics.

Remember that what you eat is as important as how much you eat. Many people who are trying to lose weight begin counting calories, but don’t pay enough attention to the types of calories they’re consuming. If you simply cut your calories drastically without paying attention to nutrients, you might find that most of the weight you lose comes from lost muscle and water instead of body fat. You’ll also be more likely to gain the weight back, since it can be difficult to stay on a low-calorie diet that doesn’t contain enough healthy foods.

A healthy diet requires balance. Your body needs vitamins and nutrients found in carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Completely eliminating one of these groups from your diet can actually make you less healthy, even if you do initially lose weight. Even fats are needed for healthy cells, energy, and hormone production!

Instead of eliminating an entire food group, focus on eating whole, unprocessed foods whenever possible. In general, your diet should consist of lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and some healthy fats.

Why is it hard to eat properly?

In a word, poor choices in food are usually made from “hunger.” The complication is that very few of us actually know what hunger is.  Surprising isn’t it.  Living in a land of plenty means that food is everywhere around us and our culture has taught us that food is not just sustenance.  Food is reward, celebration and to some a best friend.  When times are hard we turn to food.  When we are happy, we celebrate with food. Bored, tired, lonely – food, food, food.  Physical hunger – when your body needs nourishment is a state we don’t get to very often anymore.  But that does not stop us eating.

The Weight Management Solution

If you want to get to a point where you are in control of your weight and your health you will need to unlearn your eating behavior just a little.  The first step is to cut back on calories without getting hungry. This can be achieved with high protein and fiber diets and for some, HCG injections are very successful at easing the transition to less calories.

While you are losing weight it is important to learn a few new skills to understand your eating habits better and make small adjustment to change them.  It is not an impossible task but it takes time, education and plenty of support.  If you are ready, we are always available to help you be successful.