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Fight Work-Related Weight Gain

Research shows that a stressful job can be a contributing factor for obesity. An increase in stress hormones can make your body store fat more efficiently and trigger cravings for unhealthy foods. People who are stressed at work may be more likely to skip lunch during the day and sit at their desk for long hours, only to come home and sit more as a way to unwind. Poor diet, inactivity, and an increase in certain hormones are a perfect storm for obesity.


How can you fight back? Work off work-related weight gain with these tips.


Use exercise for stress management – being physically active can be an immediate solution and a preventative stress management technique. If you’re feeling overwhelmed at work, take a minute to get up and walk around. Sign up for an evening fitness class to help you work out stress from the day.


Spend your down time outside – getting outdoors on the weekend and during the evenings makes you more likely to be active. It’s also a great release from spending hours in an office. Play outside with your kids or have a picnic in the park.


Pack a lunch – bringing healthy snacks and lunches to work makes it easier to eat well and helps you avoid skipping meals, only to overeat when you get home. Vegetables and fruits make great portable snacks.