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Getting Motivated for the Long-Run

It is often said that the first step is the most difficult, but when it comes to losing weight this is only partially true. Getting started with a weight loss program does take a leap of faith, and for some people it is this first step that takes the longest and requires the most courage, but once you get going on your weight loss program you need to keep your motivation level up, otherwise you can easily fall off track and never make it to your end goal.


Getting guidance and support from your weight loss doctor will help as you embark on this journey to a healthier lifestyle. During the early days of your weight loss program this ongoing guidance will likely make all the difference, giving you the insight and support needed to make the healthiest dietary choices and lifestyle changes needed for weight loss success. But as you move forward on your weight loss journey that initial burst of motivation will fade, and it is up to you to find ways to harvest what is left of that initial drive to succeed and find ways to push yourself, despite fatigue, set-backs, and any temptations that may get in your way.


Your motivation level has to be tended to properly. Slowing down and taking the time to manage your positive energy and foster constructive thoughts and feelings can help you keep on going strong all the way to your weight loss goal.


Here are a few tips for keeping your motivation level high as you lose weight:

  • Plan ahead. Set yourself up for success by planning ahead a week at a time. This way you always know exactly what you are supposed to be doing, and you leave little chance for having to make the best decision in a rough moment.
  • Have fun. Find ways to spice up your workout or make the most out of your diet plan by having a little bit of fun. Go for the flavors you enjoy most and shake up your workout with your favorite music. Get friends involved to really make the most out of each moment.
  • Keep a regular schedule. Part of planning ahead is getting used to a schedule that you know you can keep. Weekly classes or scheduled dinner times can prevent your healthy lifestyle from becoming too overwhelming. The trick is to make those healthy changes feel as normal as possible.


Finally, potentially one of the best tips for keeping your motivation level up as you work through your medical weight loss program is to not be scared to try new things. In the beginning, everything in your weight loss program will feel new. This will keep you interested and motivated to understand and succeed. As you grow comfortable with a workout, find a way to spice it up.