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Obesity and Depression

Many people who are overweight or obese may find themselves struggling with depression as well. On the other hand, some people who struggle with depression find themselves unable to properly manage their weight. Does obesity cause depression, or is depression what makes us obese?


The answer to that question is unique to each individual, but there is no doubt that the two conditions are linked. Studies have shown that people who live with obesity are more likely to develop depression and suffer from feeling unsatisfied in many areas of their lives. In addition to having your self-esteem affected by your appearance, both the excess body fat and the poor eating habits that caused the obesity can affect the hormones and other physiological factors that trigger or worsen depression.


How can depression cause you to gain weight? Many people who suffer from depression may feel that making good eating choices and exercising regularly is overwhelming. The planning and decision making involved in maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be difficult when you’re battling severe depression, and the resulting habits can lead to weight gain, starting a cycle of depression and obesity.


How can you fight depression and obesity at the same time?


Taking on a weight loss battle, which is difficult under the best of circumstances, can be especially challenging if you’re suffering from depression. Talking to a doctor about treating your depression with therapy or medication may help you find the motivation you need to tackle a weight loss plan. In addition, your physician may be able to provide additional help for you to lose weight. You should also seek the support of friends and other loved ones and consider talking to a mental health professional to help you take on these two conditions at once.