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Just Like Riding a Bike

Riding your bike is one of the most favorite pass-times of children across the world. There is something about learning how to put those pedals to work and feeling the air in your face as you glide do

Take Walks for Healthy Living

A healthy lifestyle does not necessarily mean you have to exercise for hours each day, but it does require some physical activity each day. A simple way to increase your exercise is to walk more often

Strike a Pose—Why Yoga is a Good Idea

Yoga focuses on slow movements and deep, calming breathing, and because of this, it can calm the mind, improve mood and leave you feeling mentally reinvigorated.

Tips to Get a Great Workout at Home

Getting to the gym isn’t always easy, especially when a stressful day or the bitter cold of a Michigan winter makes staying home seem more inviting.

Pilates Breathing for Relaxation and Health

Relieving tension, maximizing elimination of toxins from the lungs and body, and massaging the internal organs are all benefits attributed to Pilates breathing techniques.

How To Stretch at the Office

Stretching is an important part of a well rounded weight loss exercise routine, but it’s often overlooked in favor of cardio exercise and strength training. But most fitness experts recommend stretchi

Exercise For Anti-Aging

If you are looking for good reasons to exercise, here is one of the best: it helps slow down the aging process.